Most of the time the Christian screen printer's product is termed as the silk screen printing and as a matter of fact it has already been existing for quite a few decades already. In the beginning people only made use of the simpler hand printed method but people make use of large fully automated presses already. But no matter what the method may be, the principle is still the same. What happens is that the negative image of the design will be burned to a tight mess.


After doing this, it will be stretched between a screen or frame. You will be able to end up with an opaque image. After this, there will be ink that be poured into the mesh. After this step, it will be forced to go through the holes by the use of a squeegee that could be automated or by the use of the hands. You will only be able to have the positive imprint on the t-shirt for the reason that the opaque negative image will not let the ink to go through it. The t-shirt will of course be placed under the screen.


The price range of the set up of Custom Printed Tee Shirts will range from $8,000 to $35,000 but it will depend on the number of stations that you are making use of. Also the complexity is a basis. In order to be able to dry the shirts, what is being used is none other than a large conveyor heater. The equipment that is needed in order to clean the sheets are: a washing station, exposure unit and a make shift dark room.


What is so great about the custom t-shirt printing is the fact that it offers one great advantage above the rest of the methods. This advantage is none other than the fact that this is fast. In just an hour you will be able to have 30 to 90 shirts produced with just the use of a simple 6 color press. And the money that you will have to spend for the ink is also at a minimal cost.  To learn more about t-shirt printing, visit



But there are only a few companies that qualify as a Christian Tshirt Printer for Custom Tshirt Printing that charge their clients a one time set up fee for the color separation. The reason behind this is because of the fact that setting up and cleaning the screens will take a lot of time. There are cases wherein the client will need reprints which is why the screens are stored most of the time.